Make Your Bathroom Accessible with These Essential Steps

If you or a loved one has special requirements due to accessibility, it’s important that your bathroom meets those needs in order to provide safety and accessibility. There are certain steps to take in order to ensure the space is easy to use, and most often these changes can be made quickly.

Even if you are looking at your current bathroom right now and thinking, “There’s no way I can make this accessible,” fear not. A knowledgeable contractor with today’s options in functional, versatile products can help transform a small, dangerous bathroom into a safer, more accessible one. Here at Accessibility Solutions 360, we can turn your old bathroom into an accessible bathroom at your Harrisburg area home with a few essential steps. Here’s how:

Invest in Barrier Free or Low Threshold Shower

Tubs are very difficult to access for those in wheelchairs or those who have difficulty walking. Creating a curb-less or barrier-free shower removes any barriers, allowing full access for those who cannot maneuver over a tub. We can make sure that your walk-in shower is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or shower chair. These showers also utilize a rubber collapsible dam to prevent water leakage. Low threshold showers, often referred to as a walk-in shower, have approximately a 4-6” dam to prevent water from escaping the bathing area. They are a great addition to any home where individuals have trouble bending their knees to access a tub.

We also offer what is called a “tub cut” as a cost-saving measure. This can be used with almost all existing tubs to create the same type of threshold that the low threshold shower offers.

Install Necessary Hardware

There are a variety of both functional and stylish hardware options for your accessible bathroom. Often, you can add hardware to your existing bathroom without making major renovation changes. Adding the following features are a great starting point in creating a more accessible bathroom:

  • Grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet
  • Manageable faucets and shower controls
  • Mirror for sitting or standing view
  • Removable handheld shower with a long shower hose
  • Easy push/pull or motion-sensor sink handles– levers are the easiest to utilize with lowered hand mobility
  • A built-in shower seat for those who want the option of sitting while showering
  • Non-slip strips in bath/shower
  • And more. Speak with one of our project managers to discuss more options!
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Adjust Height of Toilet

To allow for the safe use of a toilet, you need to be able to safely mount and dismount the toilet. If you are finding your toilet is hard to stand up from or your knees buckle when sitting down then an ADA height toilet is a must-have. ADA toilets come in round and elongated bowls and can be easily changed out. Durable medical equipment is also available that can be purchased and placed over your existing toilet to help this transition on and off.

These are just some of the ways we can create a more accessible bathroom for you or a loved one. If you have questions about an accessible bathroom at your Harrisburg area home, contact an experienced Accessibility Solutions 360 representative today to learn more. We serve all of Pennsylvania!