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Altro Room

Wetrooms are a small space alternative to bathrooms and can create a safe full bathroom out of even existing half bathrooms. How do wetrooms save so much space? Wetrooms remove the barrier caused by a tub and convert this into usable space. Altro flooring is used throughout the entire room to form a seamless-water tight seal to contain any water. This flooring is medical grade, slip resistant and is commonly used in commercial applications such as in hospital operating rooms and patient exam rooms. Wet rooms use grab bars to aid in and transfers, help aides to safely assist in the bathing process and as stable objects to hold onto while reaching around to complete the bathing routine.

Why Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 For Your Altro Wetroom?

Accessibility Solutions 360 is the father of the wetroom with our wetroom installs dating back to 2008! Accessibility Solutions 360 has created a wheelchair accessible wetroom in spaces as small as 5’ by 7’, complete with a sink, toilet and a shower area! We have been awarded our own exclusive Altro line that can be ordered in virtually any size with multiple colors to choose from. During the install of a wetroom our field crew will work with the customer to place grab bars exactly where they feel most comfortable to maximize their safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Altro Wetrooms

Is there funding available to help pay for an accessibility adaptation in my home?

There are several grants that will help pay for accessibility adaptations, however they are constantly revolving. Accessibility Solutions 360 can help by providing up to date information on available grants, other funding sources as well as sources for accessibility loans.

I have a half bath, can I make it a wetroom?

As long as the room is approximately 5’ by 7’ feet, then it is possible to turn it into a wetroom.

How big does my bathroom need to be to be turned into a full wetroom?

We can install a full bathroom in a room as small as 5’ by 7’

How long does it take to install a wet room?

From the time a crew from Accessibility Solutions 360 arrives until completion is usually around 4 days.

What cleaners should I use on Altro floor?

Altro floor does have its own cleaner, however most common household cleaners may be used on this flooring without damage. Wood: How long a wooden ramp depends on the upkeep of the wood. On average, you should expect to have the wood ramp last 20 years

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