The Boomer Generation & How Accessibility Solutions 360 Can Help You Stay in Your Home

Did you know there was a total of 76 million births in the United States from 1946 to 1964, the 19 years usually called the “baby boom”? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, baby-boom population will total 61.3 million in 2029, when the youngest boomers reach age 65. These baby boomers are now aging individuals who almost all agree on one thing: that they want to continue living in their own home later in life. In fact, a large percentage of the nation’s aging baby boomers want to age in place. But with changes in health, how will these aging citizens remain comfortable and safe at home? As experts in aging in place for Central PA, we would like to act as an aging-in-place guide for seniors and their families.

How We Can Help

Our aging in place professionals can help spot home safety concerns and create an individualized plan around unique functional abilities, including getting out of bed and bathing, whether their condition is stable or expected to decline. Safety solutions can be as simple as adding grab bars or threshold ramps in doorways. For more extensive fixes, we offer home modifications and remodeling such as installing barrier free or low threshold showers, installing various styles of lifts and elevators, widening doorways and other creative custom options-tailored to meet our customers unique or changing needs.

We believe that as health and home safety conversations take place, it is important to give people a choice of the best living space options. With the right planning, living enjoyably and safely at home is fully possible for tens of millions of the country’s boomers.

About Us

Our owners, Bill and Lisa Culwell, operate the company from their family farm. Bill is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Certified Environmental Access Consultant, Certified Renovator Remodeler and Certified Home Assessment & Modification Specialist with 25 years of experience. Lisa has a degree in business and has training in Activities of Daily Living through VGM.

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Their daughter, Casey, has a degree in kinesiology from Penn State University and is a project designer for the company. She is also a Certified Environmental Access Consultant and Certified Renovator Remodeler. Spencer, their son, is also a project designer, a Certified Environmental Access Consultant and has seven years of experience in the family business.

Accessibility Solutions 360 has helped hundreds of clients with their home modification projects. Are you ready to get started taking the necessary steps toward aging in place? Contact Accessibility Solutions 360 to learn more about aging in place in Central PA and how we can make your home more accessible. Call 888-837-6818 or fill out our online form for a home modifications estimate.