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Barrier Free & Low Threshold Showers

Barrier free showers have no step from the bathroom area into the bathing area-making getting into the shower a breeze! They are specifically made to allow those that are confined to a wheelchair to safely wheel in and out of the shower area-even if their shower chair has smaller wheels. By utilizing a collapsible rubber threshold and a heavy-duty weighted shower curtain, you will be sure the shower water will stay within the bathing area!

Low threshold showers, often referred to as a walk-in showers, have approximately a 4-6” dam to prevent water from escaping the bathing area. They are a great addition to any home where individuals have trouble bending their knees to access a tub.

Why Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 For Your Barrier Free Shower?

These showers are built to last while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Accessibility Solutions 360 offers a wide range of tub surrounds using Best Bath and Renovative Bath Systems. This allows us to offer a variety of designs and in-shower storage options. The commercial showers we install have a marine grade finish, are plywood reinforced for installation of safety aids and come with a 30 year limited warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Barrier Free Shower

How long does it take to install a barrier free shower?

With demolition and disposal of your existing shower/tub, the timeframe will be 1-2 days depending on existing plumbing and flooring conditions.

Will water leak out with a barrier free shower?

Water will not leak out of the shower due to the installation of a heavy-duty weighted shower curtain. When the shower curtain is kept behind the collapsible threshold, water will not exit the bathing area. These thresholds prevent water from exiting the shower but give way to being stepped or rolled on to maintain ease of access in and out of the shower.

Can I pick from different designs of Barrier Free Showers?

Of course! We offer all Best Bath and Renovation Bath System shower designs.

Can I add a shower seat or grab bars into the shower?

Yes! Our showers come with plywood reinforced wall panels to allow the installation of seating and safety aids at any time!

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