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Wheelchair Ramps

There are two major materials wheelchair ramps are made of: wood and aluminum. Ramps are useful for anyone who utilizes aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs or for someone who may not have the range of motion in their knees required to stair climb. Wheelchair ramps allow for safe independent living while maintaining access in, out and within the home, business, or other facilities. If you or anyone you know has challenges navigating stairs-a ramp may be the right accessibility solution for you!

Why Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 For Your Wheelchair Ramps?

Accessibility Solutions 360 works hard to find the best solution that fits the customer’s needs. While on our personalized home assessment we will also check to see if any accompanying threshold ramps are needed to avoid wheelchair challenges and other trip hazards. These can be either made of wood and cut to specific specifications, ordered out of rubber or made out of aluminum. We have installed several wheelchair ramps and threshold ramps throughout our company’s lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair Ramps

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