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Platform Lifts

Platform lifts fall into two different categories- inclined and vertical. Inclined platform lifts allow for wheelchair bound clients to ascend and descend the stairs while vertical platform lifts are mounted on a concrete pad and are programmed to stop at one or more destinations vertically. Vertical lifts are often used in exterior applications to get from the sidewalk to the front entrance of the home. Both lifts come with various safety features including underpan sensors that detect when any obstruction occurs under the lift. The lifts lock to prevent unauthorized use and the upper landing gate will only open once the lift is in the up position, otherwise it acts as a solid railing or a closed door depending on the application.

Why Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 For Your Platform Lifts?

Accessibility Solutions 360 has technicians who are skilled at not only installing both vertical and inclined platform lifts- but also in servicing this equipment. Some of the manufacturers we represent include Savaria, Harmar and Atlas. We offer a yearly service contract on all lifts we install as well as extended service contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Platform Lifts

What safety features does a vertical or an inclined lift have?

Platform lifts are designed with gates or enclosures to keep the consumer safe during travel. They both have an underpan sensor which is designed to stop the lift if there are any obstructions underneath it while operating. The nature of the platform lift requires that there be an opening at the top of the travel of the lift. This opening will either have a gate or door that is protected by a safety interlock that will not allow the upper landing door to open when the lift is not in the up position.

How often should I service my vertical or platform lift?

Vertical and inclined platform lifts should be cleaned and lubricated once a year whether any operational challenges are seen or not.

How long will a vertical or inclined lift last?

Vertical and inclined lifts will generally last 10-12 years when routine service has been maintained.

How long does it take to get a vertical or inclined platform lift installed?

Site prep is needed in order to properly install these lifts. With site prep, these installs usually take 3-6 days.

Will installing an inclined platform lift damage my walls?

No, these lifts are mounted to the stairs.

Can I have a temporary vertical platform lift?

Yes, we can provide you with a temporary lift for purchase that can be wheeled away when not in use or moved to a new location should you choose to relocate.

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