Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time for a Stairlift

No one wants to think about their loved one growing older. That’s what often makes it so easy to miss tell-tale signs that they may require assistance. In order to ensure their safety and independence, it may be time to consider a stairlift. If they’re struggling to climb the stairs every day, they are risking a potentially serious accident or injury. In fact, millions are treated in emergency rooms each year because of fall injuries. To help prevent these situations from becoming a danger to your loved one, we have put together some signs that it may be time to get them a stairlift. We are the trusted name in stairlifts for Pennsylvania residents and we look forward to helping you find the right accessibility solution to meet your or your loved ones’ needs. Here are some signs to look out for:

stairlifts Pennsylvania

Falls. This is the most obvious sign it may be time for a stairlift. If you notice any stumbling, falling or tripping—even if it’s not while they are on the stairs—it could be time to look at finding a better solution. While a small fall on a flat surface may be a minor inconvenience, a fall on the stairs could be a dangerous one. According to the CDC, falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury—which could be detrimental to life in a senior. Act today and protect you or your parent from an injury that could land them in the hospital or harm their ability to complete meaningful life activities both inside and outside of their home.

Avoiding the Stairs. Do you find yourself avoiding taking the stairs? Does your loved one seem to avoid the stairs especially while you’re there? Then it may be time for a stairlift. Sleeping on the couch or avoiding spending time in the rooms upstairs? A stair lift can make the entire room, especially the second floor accessible again, allowing for easy movement between floors. 

And, if you find that your mom or dad avoids taking the steps when you are at the house, it could be time to talk about mobility. Sit down and talk about the issue. Speaking candidly about the problem is always a good way to address the issue and find the right solution.

Ready to learn more about stairlifts and determine if they’re right for you or your loved one? Give us a call today. With Accessibility Solutions 360, you get a full-service accessibility company that can handle everything from selection to installation. We can even handle additional construction needs that may be required to make the stairlift work for you. We can install an additional outlet to power the lift or provide additional clearance space by moving handrails or widening the staircase, in addition to installing the stairlift. Whatever it is you need, we can handle it all!

For more information about stairlifts for your Pennsylvania home, call Accessibility Solutions 360 today at 888-837-6818 or Contact Us Online to learn more.