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Accessible Bathroom Harrisburg

With the right modifications to your home, you can continue to live as independently as possible. At Accessibility Solutions 360, we are age-in-place specialists offering a variety of remodeling services. From walk-in bathtubs to stairway lift systems, we do it all. One of the most important areas of the home to ensure safety and accessibility is the bathroom. For a more accessible bathroom at your Harrisburg area home, call the experts at Accessibility Solutions 360. We can turn your old bathroom into a more accessible one with a variety of services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Navigate your bathroom easily and safely with ADA compliant modifications. You deserve to love the home you are in and experience a better quality of life. Give us a call today and let us know what you need. We look forward to working together to find a solution. With our no obligation, in-home personalized assessment, we work with you to find the best solutions for a more accessible bathroom.

An Accessible Bathroom from Accessibility Solutions 360

One of the main components of an accessible bathroom is a high quality, accessible tub or shower. Barrier free showers have no step from the bathroom area into the bathing area-making getting into the shower a breeze! They are specifically made to allow those that are confined to a wheelchair to safely wheel in and out of the shower area-even if their shower chair has smaller wheels. By utilizing a collapsible rubber threshold and a heavy-duty weighted shower curtain, you will be sure the shower water will stay within the bathing area.

Accessible bathroom project in PA

Low threshold showers, often referred to as a walk-in showers, have approximately a 4-6” dam to prevent water from escaping the bathing area. They are a great addition to any home where individuals have trouble bending their knees to access a tub.

Then there’s the Altro Wetroom. Accessibility Solutions 360 is the father of the wetroom with installations dating back to 2008! Accessibility Solutions 360 has created a wheelchair accessible wetroom in spaces as small as 5’ by 7’, complete with a sink, toilet and a shower area! We have been awarded our own exclusive Altro line that can be ordered in virtually any size with multiple colors to choose from. During the install of a wetroom our field crew will work with the customer to place grab bars exactly where they feel most comfortable to maximize their safety.

In addition to showers, tubs and wetrooms, we can also install a variety of hardware for a more accessible bathroom including:

  • ADA height toilet
  • Mirror for sitting or standing view
  • Easy push/pull or motion-sensor sink handles– levers are the easiest to utilize with lowered hand mobility
  • Manageable faucets and shower controls
  • A built-in shower seat for those who want the option of sitting while showering
  • Non-slip strips in bath/shower
  • And more

These are just some of the features we can install for your accessible bathroom. Speak with one of our project managers to discuss more options!

Contact Us for an Accessible Bathroom

For an accessible bathroom at your Harrisburg area home, contact an experienced Accessibility Solutions 360 representative today to learn more. We serve all of Pennsylvania!