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Wheelchair Ramps State College

If you or a family member rely on a wheelchair for mobility, ensuring dependable access to your home is of paramount importance. At Accessibility Solutions 360, we specialize in aging in place and are well-equipped to install wheelchair ramps in State College. Wheelchair ramps are just one of the many solutions we provide to enhance the safety and functionality of your residence.

Metal wheelchair ramp connecting to wooden porch

Wheelchair ramps offer valuable benefits not only to those using wheelchairs but also to individuals utilizing mobility aids like walkers, canes and powerchairs. They can even improve the accessibility of your home for those with limited mobility, such as individuals dealing with knee issues that affect their range of motion. Wheelchair ramps provide a safer and more forgiving alternative to stairs, which can pose difficulties.

At Accessibility Solutions 360, we can install ramps in both of the primary materials available: wood and aluminum. While each has its own advantages and disadvantages, our experts can assist you in determining which material best suits your home and lifestyle. We can also guide you in determining the appropriate length to ensure the ramp is accessible for all individuals in your household.

Are you prepared to address challenges related to stairs with an accessible solution? Contact us today to obtain further information about wheelchair ramps for your home or to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment! We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in devising a personalized accessibility plan.

Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 for Wheelchair Ramps

As a fully licensed and insured division of BCE Construction, Accessibility Solutions 360 is situated in Millerstown, PA. Our service extends to all of Perry County and the majority of other counties across Pennsylvania, including major cities like Lancaster, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. With a specialization in aging in place, we offer a diverse array of home modification solutions tailored to clients with varying degrees of mobility challenges. Regardless of which areas of your home present safety concerns or difficulties, we are well-equipped to find suitable solutions.

When you select Accessibility Solutions 360 for a wheelchair ramp, you can have confidence in receiving top-notch service, from customer support to the installation process and the quality of the ramp itself. Additionally, through our provision of complimentary in-home assessments, we can effectively identify and address other areas posing mobility-related challenges.

At Accessibility Solutions 360, we possess the necessary experience and expertise to enhance the accessibility of your home. Whether it’s a grab bar in the bathroom to prevent falls, a ramp leading to your door for wheelchair accessibility, a stairlift to ensure secure movement between floors or any other modifications required, we consider it an honor to be entrusted with your safety and accessibility.

Contact Us About Wheelchair Ramps

When you need reliable access to your home, contact us at Accessibility Solutions 360 for wheelchair ramps in State College or the rest of PA. Call us today at 888-837-6818 or fill out our online form for a free estimate!