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Wheelchair Ramps Lewistown

If you or a loved one relies on a wheelchair, ensuring reliable access to your home is imperative. At Accessibility Solutions 360, we specialize in aging in place and offer professional installation of wheelchair ramps in Lewistown. Wheelchair ramps represent just one of the many solutions we provide to enhance the safety and functionality of your home.

Wheelchair ramps serve not only those in wheelchairs but also individuals using mobility aids like walkers, canes and powerchairs. They significantly improve accessibility for those with limited mobility due to conditions such as knee problems affecting their range of motion. By offering a safer alternative to stairs, wheelchair ramps eliminate the challenges and hazards associated with traditional staircases.

At Accessibility Solutions 360, we offer wheelchair ramps in two primary materials: wood and aluminum. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks, and our experts can assist you in determining which option best suits your home and lifestyle. Additionally, we provide guidance on determining the appropriate length to ensure accessibility for all individuals in your household.

Are you ready to address accessibility challenges posed by stairs? Contact us today to explore wheelchair ramp options for your home or schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment. We’re dedicated to creating a customized plan to enhance your accessibility and look forward to assisting you.

Choose Accessibility Solutions 360 for Wheelchair Ramps

As a fully licensed and insured division of BCE Construction, Accessibility Solutions 360 is centrally located in Millerstown, PA, serving clients throughout Perry County and most other counties across Pennsylvania, including major cities like Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Specializing in aging in place, we offer a wide range of home modification solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients with various levels of mobility difficulties. Regardless of the area of your home presenting safety concerns or accessibility challenges, we are here to assist in finding effective solutions.

When you entrust Accessibility Solutions 360 with the installation of a wheelchair ramp, rest assured that you’re receiving top-quality service and products. From exceptional customer service to expert installation and the ramp itself, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of our work. Additionally, our commitment to offering free in-home assessments allows us to thoroughly assess your needs and address any additional mobility challenges you may face within your home.

With years of experience and specialized expertise, Accessibility Solutions 360 is well-equipped to enhance the accessibility of your home. Whether you require grab bars in the bathroom to prevent falls, a ramp for wheelchair access to your door, a stairlift to navigate between floors safely, or any other modifications, we take pride in being entrusted with your safety and accessibility needs. Allow us to partner with you in creating a safer, more accessible living environment.

metal wheelchair accessible ramp outside of Central PA home

Contact Us About Wheelchair Ramps

When you need reliable access to your home, contact us at Accessibility Solutions 360 for wheelchair ramps in Lewistown or the rest of PA. Call us today at 888-837-6818 or fill out our online form for a free estimate!