New Rapid Access Stairlift Program Serving Pennsylvania Residents

Do you or a loved one need a stairlift fast? Don’t wait for accessibility with our new Rapid Access Program! If you qualify, we can have your new stairlift installed within 72 hours. With this new program, we are expediting the process to get you or your loved one access to the whole house once again.

Previously, from start to finish, the process of getting a new stairlift could take weeks – from scheduling an in-home assessment to waiting for your stairlift of choice to be delivered to getting installation scheduled and completed – getting a new stairlift could be a lengthy process.

Rapid Access Stairlifts in PA

That’s why we are jumpstarting our Rapid Access Program! We understand that sometimes you just can’t wait to have full access to your home once again. With Rapid Access, the entire process takes only three days. We keep the stairlift model available through the program on hand to streamline the process and ensure that you’ll have access to your home within the week!

All you have to do to be part of Rapid Access is qualify! In order to be able to perform the installation within three days, there are a handful of requirements that must be met.

To qualify, the stairlift user must be under 309 pounds and your stairs must be:

  • Interior
  • Straight
  • Within 6 feet of a three-prong, properly wired and grounded outlet
  • Greater than 30 inches wide
  • Open – no doors at the top or bottom
  • Maximum length of 15 feet and 4 inches
  • Located in Pennsylvania

In addition, there needs to be no special options required. Any requirements such as flip up rails, slide tracks, zero intrusion, harnesses and more require special options that can not be completed in the Rapid Access time frame.

Still not sure if you qualify? Give us a call or fill out our qualification form! From there we can verify your qualification during your free, no obligation in-home assessment.

If you don’t qualify, don’t worry! We can still work with you to install a stairlift – however, the process will take a little bit longer. For stairs that don’t meet the requirements, additional work is needed to make sure they are well suited for a stairlift. We are happy to perform this additional work for you on your path to accessibility!

Get started today by filling out our qualification form. Once we’ve gotten your response, we will be in contact with you shortly to request any additional information and schedule your free, no obligation in-home assessment. And while we are already in your home for a stairlift assessment – let us know if you have any other accessibility concerns! We’d be happy to take a look and get more work scheduled for you!

Once your assessment has been completed and proof of funding has been provided – we can get your stairlift installed in the next 3 days.

Here at Accessibility Solutions 360, we are proud to provide people with access to their entire home once again. Don’t wait for accessibility – give us a call today at 888-837-6818 or contact us to learn more!