How to Prepare for Rapid Access Stairlifts

If you need a stairlift now, then our Rapid Access Stairlift Program may be able to help! To make the process of applying simpler for PA residents, here are some suggestions for how to best prepare for the process, from start to finish.

Where Do I Start?

To start on your Rapid Access journey, be sure to know the answers to the following questions. Whether you call or fill out our form, we will ask you these questions to determine if you are eligible for the program.

how to prepare for rapid access stairlifts
  • Do you have interior stairs that require a stairlift?
  • Does the person requiring the stairlift weigh under 309 lbs?
  • Is there an outlet within 6 ft?
  • Is there a door at the top or bottom of the stairs?
  • Is the width of the stairs greater than 30 in?
  • Are your stairs straight?

Having the answers to these on hand for the call or to fill out the form will make the process simpler!

What Do I Do After Determining If I Qualify?

Once you have called or completed the form, you will know whether you are eligible. From here, there are two possible paths:

If You Qualify

If you qualify, then you are on your way to Rapid Access! From that first qualification there are a few next steps to start your rapid access stairlift installation. You have to both secure funding and we must confirm through an in-home assessment that you do in fact qualify.

To secure funding, there are a wide range of funding opportunities you can pursue. We work with a variety of insurance companies as well as Medicaid. Additionally, we can help point you in the direction of low interest loans or grant opportunities that may cover the cost of your new stairlift.

Currently, we work with the following insurance companies:

  • PA Health & Wellness
  • UPMC
  • AmeriHealth/Keystone First
  • Life Geisinger

If your insurance isn’t listed, check with us anyway! We are working to add more insurance companies to the list to help more people with the accessibility they need.

While you work to secure funding, you can also go ahead and get our free in-home assessment scheduled so that we can confirm you meet all the Rapid Access qualification requirements.

If You Don’t Qualify

If you don’t qualify based on our initial questions, we can still help! We won’t be able to promise rapid access, but we can still work with you to schedule a normal installation.

What Do I Need to Do Before the In-Home Assessment?

Prior to the free in-home assessment, one of the biggest pieces is to make sure that your stairs are clear and there is a path to them, so we can check everything on our end.

It is important that the stairlift user is available during the assessment so that we are able to take some measurements that will aid us during installation. If you rent, we also ask that your landlord be available so we can gain approval from them directly. If the stairlift user does not speak English, we also ask that someone is available during the assessment (either by phone or in person) to translate.

Additionally, if there is anything else that you need for your home to be accessible – any other modifications like a ramp, barrier-free shower, etc. – please have those in mind so we can complete an assessment for those while we are there! While other home modifications will not fall under the same installation time, we can still get you on the path to a wholly accessible home!

What Do I Need to Do Before Installation?

If you have made it this far, then all we need from you is proof of funding, a 50% deposit and a time when we can come install your new stairlift! Please make sure that the stairs are clear and clean and that there is a path wide enough for us to carry your new stairlift and other necessary equipment to the stairs.

What Do I Need to Do During Installation?

During installation, it is important that the stairlift user is once again available, as we ask the user to ride the unit once installed so we can make adjustments for comfort (like adjusting the seat height). Then we will discuss with the user some general information about their stairlift and provide them with a folder of information and two remotes for the stairlift. We recommend mounting the remotes at the top and bottom of the stairs and our installers would be happy to do so before leaving the home.

Fill out the qualification form or call Accessibility Solutions 360 today at (888) 837-6818 to get started on your Rapid Access Stairlift journey! Even if you do not qualify for our Rapid Access Stairlift Program, we are still able to help.