Accessibility is our Priority

Accessibility is extremely important to us – after all, it’s part of our company name! We specialize in making homes accessible, and therefore our website should not be any different. To make our website more accessible, we are utilizing an interface that makes our web content available for all readers. This includes blind people using screen readers, people with motor impairments who use only keyboards, and those with a variety of other disabilities such as color blindness, epilepsy and minor visual impairments.

One in four adults in the United States has some type of disability. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, websites also need to be accessible. We aim to be compliant, but mostly we want to make our website content available for those who need it most.

Using an interface and AI-powered processes, our website can be modified to meet each person’s needs. By using the interface, users can choose a disability profile, such as “visually impaired,” and activate all relevant adjustments like increasing font sizes and changing color contrasts. These are just a few of the many adjustments that can be made to the site.

In addition to the interface, Artificial Intelligence is used to handle more complex accessibility adjustments such as screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation.

We hope these additions to our website will make it easy to navigate for all users, but especially for those with disabilities. We understand the challenges that various disabilities create. We hope to make your life better and less complicated by sharing our accessibility services. From browsing the web to living in your home, Accessibility Solutions 360 is here to make your life easier!

Please browse our website using the interface tools you need! If you are interested in any of our home modifications, please give us a call or contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!